About us

We support creative spirits!

We know that the protection of industrial property is a prerequisite for the development of a healthy economy. Inventors are to our understanding visionaries, vectors of social and economic development in the long term.

Creativity isn’t just about having a brilliant idea

The road to recognition and protection of a creation is long and complicated. We are here to become your trusted partner, honest and prompt, from idea to title of protection. Your success is our mission.

Our history

Founded in 1953, ROMINVENT had been for 39 years the only specialized entity that could represent local or international applicants of industrial property rights in front of Romanian authorities.
After 1989, ROMINVENT has entered a new stage of development. Our team has made a significant contribution to the development of industrial property in Romania and, ever since, we have been participating in the activities of major national and international professional associations (AIPPI , INTA , ECTA , EPI , CNCPIR , ACG , ICC - IP)
In 1993, ROMINVENT has been reorganized as a joint-stock company and since then has undergone a continuous growth through recruitment of professionals with various legal and technical backgrounds, who went through our in-house training program to also become IP attorneys with excellent reputations and success rates.

We have built our reputation on the rich experience and knowledge of our attorneys who have passed it from one generation to another.


Both ROMINVENT and its attorneys are members of the most important IP associations and professional organizations: AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property), INTA (International Trademark Association), ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association), EPI (European Patent Institute), ACG (Anti - Counterfeiting Group), IP Commission ICC (International Chamber of Commerce - Commission on Intellectual Property), ICC - CIB (International Chamber of Commerce - Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau).