Romanian people are very creative.

From Henry Coanda and Victor Babes to Ana Aslan, Romanians have demonstrated their genius and tenacity to put in practice all their great ideas.

Romanians developed a system of knowledge in the main domains such as mathematics, techniques and medicine since Antiquity and Middle Age. The most important results dated on the 17th - 19th century when the Romanians begun to create their national identity. There are worldwide known names of important Romanians scientist man like: Constantin Cantacuzino (medicine), I.Piuariu-Molnar (ophthalmologist surgery), Gheorghe Asachi and Gheorghe Lazar (who put the basis of national engineering school) Emanoil Bacaloglu (physicist and mathematicians), N. Kretzulescu and Carol Davila (physicians) affirmed at the end of 19th century.

Science and Technology

The greatest Romanians' science discoveries are dated on the beginning of the 20th century and some of them have an international fame. We can mention here Romanian scientists such as: Nicolae Teclu who worked on burning domain and created a bulb named after him, D. Hurmuzescu who discovered the ionizing effect of the X radiation.

Anghel Saligny became famous by building the bridge of Cernavoda the longest bridge from Europe at that time. In aeronautics domain names as Traian Vuia, Henry Coanda and Aurel Vlaicu brought their important contribution to the universal aeronautics discovery. Lazar Edeleanu realized the oil distillery process (in 1908) which was used later on international level.


Important mathematicians: Gheorghe Titeica (differential geometry), Traian Lalescu (integral equations), Gheoghe Mihoc (mathematical statistics), and Grigore Moisil (partial differential equations, logical mathematics).


Victor Babes (is one of the authors of the first treaty of bacteriology in the world), C.I. Parhon (one of the founder of endocrinology domain), Ioan Cantacuzino (founder of Romanian school of microbiology), Carol Davila (founder of medical system in Romania), Gheorghe Marinescu (a great neurologist who made the first X-rays photos and study on microscope the nervous cells for the first time in the whole world) are the most prominent Romanians in medicine.

The most important name in medicine is Dr. Ana Aslan, M.D., who developed a vitamin product named GH3 - well known as a miraculous youth formula.

See some profiles of Romanians innovators who have contributed to the promotion of science in the world.

Traian Vuia (1872 - 1953) is a Romanian inventor responsible for the first mechanical flight, which took place on March 18, 1906 at Montesson, near Paris, France. Beginning to study the flight with a heavier than air airplanes, since 1902 at Paris, Traian Vuia conceived and built his own airplane named Liliacul (Lilac) between 1903 - 1906. That was a monoplane with a rainproof flax wings on a metallic frame and an undercarriage on pneumatic wheels.

Traian Vuia also worked on construction of gyroplanes between 1918 and 1922. He made an original steam generator in 1925.

The Romanian inventor studied in Budapest the Polytechnic School and Law School and received the Ph.D. title in law science in 1901.

Henry Coanda (1886 - 1972) is a Romanian engineer, well known as a great specialist in aerodynamics. He has demonstrated the jet propulsion by jet reaction as a ducted fan unit mounted on the front of the aircraft. The aircraft used neither fuel, nor air mixture, but a duct equipped with a fan, which drove plain air backward to provide propulsion.

His turbine airplane had a four-cylinder in-line engine with a centrifugal air compressor. Being of 12.5 m in length and 2.75 m height, this airplane had a weight of 420 kg.

He built a lot of planes, named Bristol-Coanda. He also discovered and explored the phenomenon known as "Coanda Effect" which is, basically, a deflection of jets by solid surfaces. The Coanda Effect has much application in different domains.

Dr. Ana Aslan M.D., is the greatest Romanian physician who developed Gerovital/GH3 - a vitamin product that is very effective against a lot of aging diseases. Tasted since 1950, Gerovital really fights against aging and makes people feel young and strength.

The product improves memory, thinking capacity and repairs demaged cells of aging process. Dr. Ana Aslan was the Director of the Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics in Romania. She presented her work of treatment of 2,500 people using GH3 with the occasion of Karlsruhe Therapy Congress, an international congress. Once available only in Romania, GH3 is produced in modern factories and it is used in the whole world.

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